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Master List of Fan Fiction Stories


"Up the Alleyway"
K-2SO didn’t expect him back until daylight. Cassian Andor had to survive until then.

"My Best Invisible Boy"
Cassian Andor gave his life for the Rebellion while on Scarif. He gave his life to the Rebellion twenty years earlier.

"Make the Lay of Long Defeat"
Things might have gone very differently at Saw Gerrera's hideout on Jedha.


Standalone Stories

"Everything You Know I Haven't Got"
Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4 + Epilogue
When the media declares open season on Greg Lestrade, the hunt begins.

"When Your Belly's in the Trench"
The next time that door opens, John Watson will kill the person on the other side.

"I Would Understand"
Is there another jumper on the roof of St Bart's?

"Five Boxes"
After Sherlock's fall, what is left?

"There in the Shadows"
After "the fall," an attack on Lestrade proves that Sherlock's friends aren't as alone as they thought.

"Passing Thus Alone"
It caught up with Sally Donovan just as late night became early morning.

"I'll Live to See Another Day"
"This," she said with conviction, "was not supposed to happen."

Donovan didn't want to see this, and Sherlock didn't want to be seen – especially by her – this way.

"Five Birthdays"
Some birthdays are welcome. Others are not.

"A Little Night Reading: Five Vignettes"
We are what we read, aren't we?

"Five Ghost Stories"
Every haunting is different.

"One Fell Down"
When the fall is all there is, Lestrade discovers, it matters.

"Four at the Thousand Faces"
John, Sherlock, Lestrade, and Mycroft are heroes, whether they realize it or not. And there is a certain journey that all heroes are entitled to make.

"Your Friends Closer"
Caught up in the whirlwind of Sherlock's life, John had become allied with Lestrade, but not exactly acquainted with the man. It took Moriarty to teach him what he really needed to know about the detective inspector.

"Not Dying Today"
The first and only time John saw Sherlock and Anderson work well as a team without complaint, they were performing CPR on Lestrade.

"Five Nightmares"
John Watson isn't the only person with nightmares.

"A Study in Grey"
Sherlock learns that Moriarty keeps his promises.

Sherlock receives a mysterious envelope. With enclosures. And a demand.

Sherlock looks into the mind of Moriarty.
(May be read as a companion to "Enclosed" or as a standalone sketch.)

When each of the three men screams, all Sherlock can do is listen.
(May be read as a companion to "Enclosed" and "Imagined" or as a standalone story.)

The Sofie Series

(Note: "The Shadow Boys Are Breaking" and "Until the Bandages Came Off" may be read as prequels to this series, if desired. They are not part of the series proper.)

"Mouth of Babes"
Several weeks after the explosion at the pool, Lestrade visits the recuperating Sherlock and John at 221B Baker Street. He brings case files and food... and a visitor in tow.

"Facing Forward"
While John and Sherlock watch Sofie, someone else watches Lestrade.

"Sentry Duty"
Standing by Sherlock and John may cost Lestrade what he holds most dear. Who will stand by Lestrade?

"Lessons Learned," Part 1 and Part 2
A hostage situation at 221B proves that not all dangers come from Moriarty.

"After All"
This is one way it might happen. There are, of course, many.

The Good Father Series

"The Distance Getting Close" (Sherlock only, may be read as a standalone story)
What Lestrade needed that night was distance. What he wanted was a few hours alone in which to grieve. What he got was Sherlock Holmes picking the lock of his front door.

"Father and Farther" (crossover with The Professionals)
In the process of protecting his brother and himself, Mycroft Holmes solves a mystery more than four decades old.

"I Wonder As I Wander" (crossover with The Professionals)
It's Christmas Eve, 2005. As a very private drama plays out between two people, other eyes are secretly watching.

Linked Stories

"The Shadow Boys Are Breaking" and "Until the Bandages Came Off"

"The Shadow Boys Are Breaking"
When Sherlock and John broke that morning, Lestrade picked up the pieces. Now who would pick up the pieces of Lestrade?

"Until the Bandages Came Off"
They were broken. Now they're putting each other back together again.
(An optional epilogue to "The Shadow Boys Are Breaking".)

"Only Learning the Game" and "The Day the Music Lived"

"Only Learning the Game"
At the end of a difficult day, Lestrade turns to a friend who was buried years before the DI was born.

"The Day the Music Lived"
Lestrade knows why 7 September, 2011, is a date worth remembering. So does Mrs Hudson.
(A companion piece set prior to "Only Learning the Game")

Standalone 221b Ficlets (221 words long, last word ending in "b")

He watches over the faithful.

"Even the King"
"Only a fool never doubts."

"The Soul in Deep Distress"
John Watson knows who is the true soldier of Baker Street.

"The Time Was Wrong"
Sherlock had asked more of Molly than either of them realised.
(May be read as a standalone story or a sequel to "Volunteers.")

Moriarty had ended his tally one name too soon.

"I Sit Beside the Fire and Think"
As Sherlock sleeps, John and Lestrade sit beside the fire and leave a number of things unsaid.

After an awkward Christmas party follows a lonely New Year's Eve.

A Promising Start
She could learn a great deal from this man: what not to do, of course, but also what to do.

"When the Minutes Drag"
All Sherlock has is time.

"Secure Yourself"
Comfort isn't Sherlock's area, is it?

"This Is A Test"
John Watson wasn't the first person Mycroft Holmes kidnapped for a little chat in a warehouse.

"Out of Darkness, Out of Doubt"
Sherlock observes more during cases these days than he used to do. Not much cop, this caring lark.

"Evening Falls So Hard"
From a bridge, John takes in the view of life after Sherlock.

Related Stories by Other Authors

"And He Lives", written by jane_doe221 and translated by stellary
(a sequel to "A Study in Grey")

"Four Quartets" by Voodoochild
(in the same universe as "Four at the Thousand Faces")

"Kindred Spirits" by monkeybard
(in the same universe as "Four at the Thousand Faces")

"Let Me Be Your Apple" by seren_ccd
(inspired by "Four at the Thousand Faces")

"Home from the Sea" by IncomingAlbatross
(inspired by "Four at the Thousand Faces")

"Tales from a Lost Mobile - Facing Forwards" by methylviolet10b
(a missing scene from "Facing Forward")

"Laying It On the Line" by shaindyl
(a missing scene from "After All")

"Frames" by methylviolet10b
(uses Sofie Lestrade from the Sofie Series)

"A Tale of Christmas Present(s)" by lastwordy_mcgee
(uses Sofie Lestrade from the Sofie Series)

"Of Mice and Consulting Detectives," a drabble series by goldvermilion87
(uses Sofie Lestrade from the Sofie Series)

"Catch and Release" by lady_karasu
(a counterpart to "This Is A Test")

"The Waiting Room" (Part 1 and Part 2) by impishtubist
(refers to morganstuart and my stories in meta context)


It is now eleven years in the future, eight since "The Cataclysm," and only three of the characters we know have survived.


"As You Now Are in Your Blood"
Bodie faces a no-win scenario.

"The Cold Calculus"
Which would Cowley choose? How would he make the choice?

"Father and Farther" (crossover with Sherlock)
In the process of protecting his brother and himself, Mycroft Holmes solves a mystery more than four decades old. This leads him to William Andrew Philip Bodie.

"I Wonder As I Wander" (crossover with Sherlock)
It's Christmas Eve, 2005. As a very private drama plays out between two people, other eyes are secretly watching.
(A sequel to "Father and Farther")


"And Not Fade Away": Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
When Chakotay, Paris, and Kim are stranded on a vicious alien world, Kes risks her sanity and Janeway risks her command to see that rescue eventually arrives.

"Survivor's Epitaph": Part 1, Part 2
The officers learn of their duplicates' fate at the hands of the Vidiians.

"The Mention That I Miss"
The officers of Voyager learn that actions have consequences.

They went home on a Tuesday.

"White City"
Death awaits on an alien world.

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